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#311956 - ‘Like a slut getting ready for her next appointment, to which both girls laughed. Next she put the stockings and suspenders on, Jenny had found a set that matched her underwear’s colour, ‘How do you feel?’ asked Jenny mischievously, Smiling back Amanda almost whisper…. She feels Paul between her legs and as he lifts them she realises he’s not going to fuck her pussy! Amanda tries to moan NO! but Alan’s cock is deep in her mouth and she can’t make a sound, Paul lifts her legs higher and hooks them over his shoulders as he rubs his cock up and down her arse crack, closing her eyes she hears Mike say ‘That’s it Paul take her cherry she’s never let me fuck her arse, you can have it!’ with that Amanda almost faints as she tries to scream feeling Pauls smaller but still bigger and thick cock push into her arsehole, Paul pushes in and stops, as Amanda thinks he’s going to stop there she relaxes, feeling this he pushes deeper still eliciting another cry from her full mouth.

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