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#345675 - Mark now grabs me by the back of my hair, and with one word, commanded me “eat” Still in terror, I fall to my knees yet again, and slightly leaning forward on my belly at the foot of her chair, I place my hands on each side of Mrs. She finally says “ohhh how bout a demonstration”? I go into a panic, and just flash a look at Mark and say “yo homie, I think we need to go---I got homework” Mark flashes an evil look at me and responds in a low throaty voice “naaa homie, what you got is 10 inches of dick you need to get to work on—gotta please the customer”. Mark complimented me on my awesome bod—he said for just 15, I had a great 6 pac, and it was looking like numbers 7 & 8 were about to pop out as well.

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Yuko omori
She is sensational beautiful and what a super hot natural body
Who is the girl in thumbnail anyone please